City of Austin ADA parking transition plan


The City of Austin ADA Parking Transition Plan was the first ADA Transition Plan specific for parking in the right-of-way, done for Austin's Central Business District. The Transition Plan met the Americans with Disabilities Act Title II guidelines and the federal 2005 Revised Draft Guidelines for Accessible Public Rights-of-Way (2005 PROWAG) and the 2012 Texas Accessibility Standards (TAS).

For this project, Altura Solutions produced a GIS collection strategy and layer management to meet federal PROWAG and City GIS protocol. Altura customized reporting solutions that included mapping and report generation. The City has integrated our design layers into the overall system. The field survey was performed by one-person or two-person teams that walked the project limits within the 215-block area of the CBD using iPads with the Collector for ArcGIS application. The project collected data on the existing 4,476 on-street parking spaces and was completed well under the City's scheduled 30 days.



4214 Medical Parkway #201

Austin, TX 78756

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