parks and recreation transition plan


The City of Austin Parks & Recreation Department hired Altura Solutions as the prime consultant to conduct a self-assessment of all their facilities from parks, to recreation centers, to the extensive trail system.  Altura identified priorities and developed a comprehensive transition plan document.  The plan included all of the detailed assessments, a summary of the public engagement input received, a proposed budget, and a schedule for the department to work towards achieving compliance.  The schedule was broken into two phases, with program accessibility the first goal.  The self-assessments which were performed within a four month time period included 94 buildings (20 historic), 160 parks (8 historic), and 167 miles of trails (5 historic trail heads). These assessments were conducted using Collector for ArcGIS application to collect data in real time, which was directly linked to the City's ArcGIS portal. Altura also used the High Efficiency Trail Assessment Process (HETAP) system to collect detailed data for the departments trail system.

The final transition plan was presented to several Boards and Commissions as well as PARD Executive and Leadership Teams.  The transition plan is a living document we see utilized by PARD staff and the City at large. 



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