Altura Solutions strives to avoid marshmallows.


Back in 2001, an accessibility advocacy group in Austin was meeting with the City Manager to discuss the perceived lack of accessible infrastructure in the city.  As discussions deteriorated, advocacy members started throwing marshmallows at the City Manager saying he was “soft” on accessibility.


Altura Solutions founder, Jesus “Chuy” Lardizabal, started as the new City ADA Program Manager the following week.  Over the next four years, the advocacy group and city staff worked together to address accessibility issues.  However, the advocacy group always seemed to keep marshmallows nearby.


Mr. Lardizabal came to understand that accessibility equated to freedom.  Freedom to walk to the grocery store.  Freedom to use a voting booth.  Freedom to use a library.


Altura Solutions strives to ensure that your project meets the accessibility technical standards and serve the community.  Our clients don’t have to dodge marshmallows.



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