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Our Story

Altura Solutions was founded in 2006 by nationally renowned accessibility thought leader, Jesus "Chuy" Lardizabal. Having worked in and around accessibility for over 20 years, Chuy brought a wealth of knowledge and expertise to his clients. The quality of his work quickly put him at capacity, and he began to bring other people on board, starting with the architects and engineers. Altura continued to grow as people saw and felt the passion and creativity that Chuy and his team brought to their RAS work and transition planning.


At Altura, accessibility isn’t a measurement, it is freedom. Eventually, as Altura Solutions began working beyond Central Texas, they realized that they could take their vision beyond the state onto the national scene. After completing an ADA Transition Plan for the City of Austin, Altura went on to work across the country in Oregon, Louisiana, Maryland, North Carolina, and Illinois.


Jesus "Chuy" Lardizabal

Jesus "Chuy" Lardizabal graduated in 1995 with an engineering degree from the University of Texas. ADA was still relatively new and the engineering world was still coming to terms with it. Working for an engineering firm, he was given the role of becoming familiar with the ADA and its applications to the company. Chuy became the firm’s ADA expert and worked on nationwide ADA projects.

After working as a designer for several years, Chuy moved on to construction project management. Since he was familiar with the ADA, Chuy helped coordinate ADA and TAS concerns with the design team and the individual construction trades. Through this, he learned how to translate the accessibility requirements from designers to contractors. Chuy became the resource that bridged the designer’s intent to achieve ADA compliance and the contractor’s ability to build… an accessible environment? Not sure if there’s a better way of saying that but it should be the bridge designer’s intent and the contractor’s ability.

Moving on from construction, Chuy went to work for the City of Austin as the City’s ADA Program Manager. Chuy was responsible for the City’s obligation to meet ADA Title II requirements in the built environment. He took an ADA Program that was at odds with the local community on how to best budget, plan, and construct ADA compliant projects. As part of the City’s ADA Task Force, Chuy created a system that allowed for public input and an expedited means of construction. The program has gone on to receive recognition for the innovative planning and construction delivery system. Chuy also served as the project manager for the creation of the City’s Sidewalk and Curb Ramp ADA Transition Plan.

Chuy went on to serve as the Chair for the Mayor’s Committee for People with Disabilities and is familiar with the community’s expectations for ADA and TAS compliance. In 2006, Chuy started Altura Solutions with the understanding that accessibility equals freedom and the goal of providing access to all.

Jesus "Chuy" Lardizabal

President, RAS

Our Team

Our team has diverse backgrounds, from architecture, engineering, government, sociology, radio/tv/film, and psychology. What brings us together is our passion for making a difference through accessibility. We make it a point for everyone in our company to see and know the impact positive of their work. Even our administrative staff comes to inspections and client meetings so they are always in touch with why the work they do matters. Our team is made of people who see our purpose first. Accessibility is freedom. Skills you can train, perspective you can’t. Our team is full of perspective.


Aileen Dryden, PLA

Project Manager, Professional Landscape Architect

Headshot of Altura Program and Services Specialist, Dolores Gonzalez.

Dolores Gonzalez

Programs & Services Specialist

Headshot of Altura Office Manager, Jane Bohls.

Jane Bohls

Office Manager

Headshot of Altura Junior Accessibility Consultant, Juvelyn Owen.

Juvelyn Owen

Accessibility Consultant

& GIS Specialist


Kathy Keller

ICT Accessibility Specialist

Headshot of Altura Administrative Coordinator, Lynda Crier.

Lynda Crier

Administrative Coordinator

Olaf Brunjes Headshot.jpg

Olaf Brunjes, RAS

Registered Accessibility Consultant


Spencer Cook, RAS

Registered Accessibility Consultant

Our Certifications

Altura Solutions, LLC provides Registered Accessibility Specialists (RAS) services as certified by the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation (TDLR).  We have five certified RAS's on staff.  

Altura Solutions, LLC holds several certifications through local agencies that help our clients meet their public work participation goals, including the following:

  • MBE - Minority Business Enterprise-City of Austin

  • DBE - Disadvantaged Business Enterprise-Travis County

  • HUB - Historically Underutilized Business-Texas and North Carolina

Copies of each certification will be provided when Altura Solutions is requested to participate as a team member on an RFQ or SOQ submittal.  We are ready to add value to your team.

Having worked in the public sector, we understand the importance of having the right sub-consultants and the right experience on the team.

Take advantage of our perspective.

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