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Frequently Asked Questions

When do I need to register my project with the Texas Department of Licensing and Registration (TDLR)?

If the construction cost (new construction or alteration) exceeds $50,000, the project must be registered with TDLR. Please see 68.30 Exemptions on TDLR's website for exceptions.

What is the typical TDLR compliance process?

  • Registration

The project is first registered to TDLR with the Project Registration Form. The drawings must be submitted to a certified Registered Accessibility Specialist (RAS) along with the Proof of Submission Form filled out and signed by the designer before the twentieth business day after they've been sealed/issued.

  • Plan Review

The project must have a plan review performed by the RAS. A report is issued noting all concerns found during the review process. These concerns are to be addressed during construction.

  • Inspection

Once construction of the facility is complete, the Owner will submit a signed Request For Inspection Form to the RAS and an inspection is scheduled. All violations found during the inspection must be corrected in order to close the project, however TDLR does not require a re-inspection. The Owner will then need to sign an Inspection Response Form stating that violations have been corrected. This form is then used to close the project with TDLR.

What is the typical turnaround time for a plan review/inspection?

We strive to issue reports as soon as possible. Due to workloads, it may take as long as two weeks during times of high demand. Additionally, projects that require multiple code reviews such as FHA and IBC can take up to three weeks. However, we will work with our clients if there is a need for immediate turnaround.

Even if my project doesn’t have to be registered with TDLR, can Altura still provide accessibility assistance on a project?

Yes, we provide technical assistance to the design team as well as plan reviews and inspection services.

Where does Altura perform their services?

Altura develops ADA Transition Plans nationwide. We are working on or have completed projects in Oregon, Texas, Louisiana, Michigan, Illinois, Ohio, and North Carolina. We are headquartered in Austin, but we work across Texas on RAS/TDLR projects. Please contact us or submit a proposal request so we can add value to your project, wherever across the country that may be!


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