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2021 Holiday Events & Sponsorships

This holiday season has been exciting and eventful!

We are glad we have been able to get together and sponsor events such as the Santa’s Helpers Disability Advocates Holiday Party and American Society of Landscape Architecture (ASLA) - Central Texas Holiday Party! We even had the pleasure of enjoying our own company holiday lunch with everyone on the Altura team! All in all, it's been a wonderful holiday season & we are definitely feeling the joy among us!

Here are some photos from the great events these past few weeks:

Photos 1-4: Santa's Helpers Disability Advocates Holiday Party

Photos 5 & 6: Marilu won a beautiful Poinsetta at the ASLA Central TX Holiday Party

Photos 7-9: Altura Holiday Lunch at Cover 3 Restaurant

As a reminder, Altura will be closed from December 20th thru the first of the new year.

We hope you have a safe and wonderful rest of the holiday season!

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