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Altura Solutions Named to Fast 50 List

Updated: Nov 5, 2020

Altura Solutions is excited to announce that we have just been named the 6th fastest growing company in Central Texas with a revenue of less than $10 million by Austin Business Journal!

It is an absolute honor to earn this award and it would not have been possible without our hardworking team and trusting clients. From transition plans to neighborhood sidewalks, we do not look at ADA compliance as the end goal but rather as the starting line. We work to reach a better future for all and when we do our work with high quality and creativity, not only does our company grow but society grows. Accessibility is not a measurement, accessibility is freedom.

Altura Solutions takes pride in our diversity with a team of backgrounds from architecture, engineering, urban planning, construction, sociology, radio/tv/film, to psychology. Our passion for making a difference through accessibility is what brings us together. We make it a point for everyone in our company to see and know the impact that their work makes, and it makes us proud to see the rewards of the work we do.

What makes us different?

  1. Our purpose – Accessibility is freedom. We don't just create reports for our clients, we create change for communities. When you see accessibility not in terms of what you have to do to be compliant, but in terms of the freedom you are bringing to another human being, the entire game changes. The letter of the law is important, but it’s only the beginning of what we can accomplish. Let’s re-imagine ADA together.

  2. Our creativity – We made a decision early that we weren’t going to be like the “other guys.” We didn’t want to be about volume and cookie cutter efficiency. We are about delivering high quality and creative services to our clients and the communities they serve. For us, the black and white, the measurements and reports, are only the beginning. Our mindset is not to make sure the doors are the right number of inches wide; our mindset is that we have the great privilege of bringing freedom to the person wanting to come inside. We aren’t about what must be done or what has been done, but about what could be done to open this world up to everyone.

  3. Our experience – We bring personal experience and touch that are unique and transform the experience of our clients. We’ve come from backgrounds with cities, construction, architecture, and engineering. Our team understands our clients and interacts from a place of empathy and understanding. We’re not going to try to win a bid and generate a report as quickly as possible. We know the politics, the pressure from the community, and the realities of budgeting that affect you, and we will find a creative solution that specifically fits you. It’s a team effort.

Again, we want to thank everyone who has helped us get to where we are today and for the continued support in helping us reach higher!

Please feel free to reach out to us if you have any questions or want guidance on any accessibility issue! (512) 410-7059

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