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New Parking Requirements

Updated: Oct 12, 2020

TDLR Administrative Rule 68.104

On August 1, 2020, TDLR published a new Administrative Rule 68.104 regarding parking requirements. This rule includes pavement marking and posted sign changes and will be effective for all subject projects registered/permitted on or after August 1, 2020.

Please note that the changes are within the TDLR Administrative Rules and not within the Texas Accessibility Standards (TAS).

Below are the details of TDLR Administrative Rule 68.104 with some graphics:

1. The International Symbol of Accessibility painted conspicuously on the surface in a color that contrasts the pavement.

2. The words "NO PARKING" painted on any access aisle adjacent to the parking space. The words must be painted:

  • in all capital letters

  • with a letter height of at least twelve inches, and a stroke width of at least two inches

  • centered within each access aisle adjacent to the parking space

3. A sign identifying the consequences of parking illegally in a paved accessible parking space. The sign must:

  • be in all capital letters

  • at a minimum state “Violators Subject to Fine and Towing” in a letter height of at least one inch

  • be mounted on a pole, post, wall, or freestanding board

  • be no more than eight inches below a sign required by Texas Accessibility Standards, 502.6

  • be installed so that the bottom edge of the sign is no lower than 48 inches and no higher than 80 inches above ground level

*All aspects of TAS 502.6 still apply. These changes should be incorporated while still meeting the requirements that are within existing TAS parking standards.

Please feel free to reach out to us if you have any questions or want further guidance on this or any other accessibility issue!(512) 410-7059

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